Sherwin and Wena were set to tie the knot last January 18, 2014 in Surigao del Norte. Headed by Jon, our team was upbeat about the trip because it was our first time in the province. And by some twist of fate, the first typhoon to visit our country this year, named Agaton, dropped by Surigao at the exact same time. And getting there turned out to be a 20-hour tour around the country.

The January 17 Manila flight to Butuan pushed through at 0610 as planned, but landing turned out to be “difficult”, so to speak, as the plane our team was on wasn’t allowed to touch the ground. The weather was acting up, they were told, and were diverted to Mactan. There it was agreed that the team will fly back to Manila, board a later flight to Davao and then travel by land from Davao to Surigao. They were back in Manila by 1230, were on their way to Davao by 1645, were on the road in Davao by 1900, went through floods and landslides and reached the hotel in Surigao at exactly 0200. What was originally a 2-3 hour travel ended up being a 20-hour trip, beating even the 15 to 16-hour it took me to get to Paris last 2012 as the longest trip we’ve ever been on to cover a wedding. But do take note, Surigao del Norte is just down south while Paris is halfway around the world.

Agaton hit Mindanao pretty hard, so to speak. It’s not Yolanda level but it was a pretty strong typhoon. But on the day of the wedding, Agaton decided to ease up a bit and gave everyone a little breathing room just enough for everything to go on as planned. He gave us drizzles here and there and an overcast sky, but that, honestly, is more than we could ever ask for considering how rough it was the day before.

And as you can see in their SDE, Agaton wasn’t enough to rain on Sherwin and Wena’s parade. The joyous atmosphere during preps, the smile everyone was wearing at the ceremony and the laughter shared all throughout the reception our team witnessed made the back-breaking 20+ hour trip around the country all worth it. At the end of it all, we too were smiling (yep, not even the 17-hour trip back to Manila wiped the smile off our team’s faces).

Congrats Sherwin and Wena!!! And yes, we love our job! :)

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