I think we can all agree that this is possibly the warmest December ever. The cool December breeze that signals the incoming Christmas season just wasn’t there. I personally like that. That “Ang lamig no!” conversations with fellow suppliers and couples were few and far in between, mostly in Tagaytay or when the hotel’s AC is freezing up the joint. December was cool, but it wasn’t cold like we’ve been accustomed to. So Baguio-based Danny and Sam’s wedding in Baguio is just what we needed to get that Christmas spirit going. It’s Baguio, for crying out loud. It’s cold. And we loved it.

The two have been together for 11 years before they decided to really make it real. “But I knew I’m marrying her from day one.” are Danny’s exact words when we met up with them for a few drinks the night before their wedding. If there’s one thing he’s certain of, it’s that he and Sam will end up married one way or another. And from the looks of it, he wouldn’t have it any other way.

The song we used in their SDE, the two love it to bits. As in. It was played in the ceremony. During cocktails. At the reception. They love it and we love it too. A video of Danny and Sam getting married should be accompanied by this song. And just like them, we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Yeah it was cold and it rained so it got colder.But the love of this two warmed the place just enough for everyone to enjoy.

Again, congrats Danny and Sam! See you in Baguio, or anywhere, soon. :)

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