Angel Fileds

We’ve had our fair share of celebrity weddings in the past, but from the moment we heard of Yael’s plans of having Gary V sing “Sana Maulit Muli” over and over again at the ceremony, we knew we were in for an awesome treat. And as it turned out, Yael and K will probably go down as our coolest and craziest celebrity couple to date.

What transpired all throughout the day were just mindblowing. There’s Erwin Armovitz shredding a sick riff during K’s walk. There’s Gary V singing the best “I will be here” version I ever heard which prompted the guests to burst in a large round of applause. And this was after the communion, mind you. And Donna Cruz teaching everyone the dance steps to “Kapag Tumibok Ang Puso” during the after party, that’s something you cannot fathom, ever. I could literally die now.

Yael and K had the time of their lives that night, and to be very honest, so did we. So here it is, Yael and Karylle’s happy wedding set to Sponge Cola’s single “Singapore Sling” from their latest album “Ultrablessed”.

I know we’ve done SDEs with the groom or the bride’s original song playing in the background, but this one is kinda different, and more exciting perhaps, as the band plans on putting this up on their very own youtube page as the song’s “unofficial” music video, thus the no sound bites/vows edit.

Enjoy!!! :)

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