What to do for a 50’s Diner-inspired birthday party? A 50’s Diner-inspired video, of course.

And with that in mind, the obvious would be to pluck a song from the movie “Grease”, gather some friends, pick up the steps, put on some leather jackets and voila! You have a 50’s Diner-inspired video. But we all kinda agreed that we’ve had enough (with all due respect) of JT and ONJ’s song and dance numbers. Well, it’s still good. But not for this party.

Instead, we turned to one of Zian’s favorite artist – Christina Aguilera, her “Candyman” music video to be exact. It was the perfect choice.

I had a very simple concept, so simple I listed only four requirements for the shoot:

1. A diner or a place that at least resembles a diner where we can shoot for five hours min. I figured I’ll just cheat with the angles.

2. Costumes for Zian. Two sets max.

3. Back-up dancers. Four to six – guys and girls.

4. And a choreographer. Because I only know how to dougie.

And here’s what Ms. Edna, Zian’s mom, gave me:

1. Johnny Rockets Tomas Morato. Yep, we had the entire place for one whole day. And it was eat-all-you-can! Shakes, fries, hotdogs, coffee, steak sandwiches. Ten pounds easily.

2. Four sets of costume. White, blue, pink and red each similar to what Christina wore in the video. Talk about details.

3. Four professional back-up dancers in military uniform and eleven of Zian’s friends (six ladies and five gents also in proper costume)

4. Del Custodio. One of the best choreographers around.

The vid’s working title was “Candyman” for obvious reasons, but in the end, it’s all about the “Jukebox”. :)

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Thank you for watching! :)